Monthly Archives: January 2007

Miracle Toast

Hello readers!
I have told no one (except the Miracle Beard man) about this blog. But I still feel as if I am addressing an audience. You know what I mean, you guys? I wonder how long I can keep it up, writing a secret lonely blog in a vacuum. I guess people will start landing here via google eventually, searching for miracle beard growth hormones, for example. So far I am only posting links dudes send me. Maybe I will start trying to remember the news.

In the mean time (Greenwich mean time? Hi, reader!) here is a link to a guy who wrote a book about holy stuff that shows up on food.

Miracle Beard

A mild, hilarious acquaintance sends a link to his band, Miracle Beard:

we make up songs as we record, with (as you can imagine) mixed results. My bandmate Ronnie C. described our sound as ‘Random Fi’ and that’s pretty much it. It’s like Ween meets Daniel Johnston in Beck’s living room.

I would only add that the Frogs are spraying Porchcrawler at Ween & DJ in the living room, and maybe Robert Pollard is disdainfully smoking a cigarette on the porch. “Good Times”.

Miracle Beard