Just heard this song, liked it. Georgia, 1978. If the download doesn’t work anymore, send me an email or something and I’ll send it to you. Not a big deal, just a mellow download. THINK OF IT AS A SNACK. Also I added the Siltbreeze Records founder’s blog to the blogroll at left because it’s a great source of news related to the shit-smeared dust-covered pop music I like. This post is set to ‘private’

Final shit-smeared nota bene: I’ve received emails like this one before, but only from Americans. I would have preferred a Briton; their vituperative sputter is so much better.


1 thought on “fiction/nonfiction

  1. spiv

    “giles coren” is a new name to me, but what a prick! that letter makes one wanna perform some empirical pen-mightier-than-sword tests on him i.e. perforate him with a sabre


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