Narnia for Old People

Just cracked open the Dec/Jan Bookforum, which has a review of Laura Miller’s new “skeptic’s adventures in Narnia,” The Magician’s Book. Their cover headline: “NARNIA for grown-ups.”


That sounds familiar, I thought. Then I remembered: the June 2003 issue of the Believer!


Center-left headline, advertising an essay by Brian Evenson about Steve Erickson: “NARNIA FOR ADULTS”!

And who could forget Devin Brown’s Beliefnet essay on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, entitled… “Narnia for Grown-Ups“?

None of this is remotely interesting. I have a blog!


5 thoughts on “Narnia for Old People

  1. HedTK

    And isn’t the ancient definition of Bookforum ‘the NYRB for kids’? A righteous parallel.

    In related news, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pull my essay from their next issue due to seriously egregious editing. I’ve never done this before. You want 3K wds on David Grann or what? Respond ‘offline.’


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