have you guys ever been here?


7 thoughts on “murderburger

  1. Neil

    once, before I moved here, don’t remember anything about it.

    Srry, which is text speak for Sorry, we missed you yesterday we were in the Pilates store and everything. Jessica was all like “call him!” and I was like “naw, he’s prolly busy” and Jessica was like “call him!” and I was in a shucksy mood for no good reason. Beardy and the other one shared a practiced high-five and chatted about where to lunch…Serranos, which I figured was a mexican joint but turns out is a pizza place?

  2. quilty Post author

    Con-sarnit! I was right around the corner! Oh well. I even posted this “murderburger” link to try to summon/conjure you. We’ll just have to go camping instead.

  3. quilty Post author

    OK. I’ll see if I can find any outdoors-themed escort services. Then I’ll rent snowshoes and show up at your house with my “escort”. I’m thinking February 20th, for no reason


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