old man winter

Last night I went to dj purple’s karaoke at jack’s. highly recommended. He plays saxophone along with you. All demographics of the city throng and cohere together in song.

the beery throng. me and plebicite visible in the middle distance, doing a strenuously unironic "no scrubs"

the beery throng. me and plebiscite visible in the middle distance, doing a strenuously unironic "no scrubs". not pictured: stinky and her laserbeam aunt. photo: a frangipane croissant.

I am thus too sleepy to excel at the elbo room thing I gotta do tonight, but whatever. I am here, typing self-consciously at you in order to try to “write down the bones” in order to “clear the garbage from my mind” real quick in order to “say good/not-bad things on ‘stage'” tonight. Who cares. stop it. leave me alone. etc

  • fellow “ashram baby” matt marlin has a new side-project called youtube, I can’t believe I just wrote that, it’s called “starring.” I like the basementy practice recordings they posted on their youtube. I mean myspace. what is wrong with me. In other news, Matt’s “real” band “Pterodactyl” are having a new record come out in the spring, it’s going to be great
  • today I spelled fluctuating with an x a couple times, then looked at it dreamily and left it like that, just vibing out on that crazy little x for a while. “fluxuating.” crazy, man
  • I’d like to start a band. If you live around here please  bring your amp and axe into my basement. some band name ideas: “something fierce” (bad) “YouTube” (worse) “The Ashram Babies” (awful??)
  • just now I walked by a police car that had pulled over a taxi cab outside my office. they were both Fords. My first thought was: Ford must not harm Ford!



3 thoughts on “old man winter

  1. A.B. #2

    i want to throng and cohere in song. how uplifting.

    “something fierce”= ok; but wasn’t there some d.c. hardcore band already named this? thrashing fiercely through the 1980s on their guitars? maybe they never made it out of their garage in virginia… “youtube”= definitely worse. “the ashram babies”= terrible, so bad i am giggling right now, but it can be our secret codespeak for a project named something less awful, but also less wonderful.

    i don’t know what the project is.

    we will find out in march? i will be in the fair city of…saint…frankçoischesco then. unless you will be in the city formerly known as new amsterdam before that? which would be nice.

  2. A.B. #2

    I hope you sleepexcelled elbo rooming.

    “An Urgent Reminder of Something Fierce”. I expect to see it next in a copy of A Review of Poetics, 1896, lurking on a collapsing shelf of Victorian oddities in the nether-regions of a dust-ridden secondhand bookshop on a sweet tumble towards bankruptcy.

    Also, nice link.


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