nsf you



‘you have model breath’
by quilty


‘you have model breath’


your breath smells like
teeth stung by the acid
of stomach bile


like come
and smoke
& & &


no bread,
say that much, no
mayo, the little hairs
inside Tod’s nostrils,
those “gay tubes of leather”


no reeking lamp

or academic paunch



nor queso


I prefer the milkbone mouth
of the Labrador
















except today
































10 thoughts on “nsf you

  1. rebecca

    this is optimistic. I feel vicariously excited for the future woman you will share your apartment and life with.

  2. rebecca

    “vicariously excited” is the wrong phrase. “encouraging” would have been more accurate. most of that comment was incorrectly phrased because i am hyper.

  3. Ed

    I want to give you an NEA, Guggenheim, and McArthur “genius” grant all rolled into one.

    The way you put the link in there.

    Then the photo.

    Leagues of whitespace.

    “Goodjobb” indeed!

    Grant G. Grantgiver, Esq.
    Admitted to the Bar at Bennigan’s

  4. quilty Post author

    you are not an asshole, chelsea!!! I do feel a weird deja vu — is it possible you’ve corrected me on this before, in some crude future’s past? I feel like I’ve made this mistake before, at any rate. How many copyeditors would have caught that, if this “poem” were being “published” somewhere? Not many. You are a wonder.


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