pointless internet daisychain

Productivity asymptotically approaching 0. I like the literary saloon. I think it’s funny that they call a NYT article about Bolaño’s alleged heroin use stunningly uninformative. I appreciate their grouchy, translation-obsessed English righteousness. I met a nice guy who likes to talk about his former alleged heroin use. I just coined the phrase “human acid tabby” in an email. An email… to you! Did you get it? I allegedly ate two Motrin IB yesterday. Today I am thinking about but not heeding this song:


UPDATE: I am still on the internet. Siltbreeze records dude Roland Seward Woodbe’s blog rules. And his listener hour on WFMU is so effing righteous!!! Listen!!! siltbreeze on wfmu


UPDATE: I am so full of shit, I wrote all that having listened to one song. I was excited to find its existence; who knows if it’s any good or not? It has to be good; it’s siltbreeze on FMU. seriously, I am a human acid tabby.

UPDATE: It is awesome!!!!!!


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