“a song about a fall” (?)

I thought I hated Andrew Bird, but this song is “soothing” my stressy Monday-morning office psychothresh.

I first heard of Bird because I noticed C. Ware did art for him, but then I was disappointed when his music wasn’t sufficiently Psychothreshin.


I only listened to psychothresh back then. Now that I’ve got so many children, with a couple of grain-kids on the way, Irene Trudel can play Andrew Bird on WFMU and I don’t get pissed. I just sip green tea in a self-satisfied way and spend another forty hours clicking on shit. Hey, what do you call it when you look at the sky in a poetic kind of way?

I take it back. I hate Andrew Bird. He does not grope for Luna. I only listen to psychothresh



6 thoughts on ““a song about a fall” (?)

  1. saddleshoos

    Andrew Bird soothes me, but I don’t know anyone else who is soothed by him. On the other hand I am soothed by his pop-ier ditties such as “Heretics” and “Plasticities,” off of the “Armchair Apocrypha” album. [Does anyone know how to do italics in a WordPress comment???] {and why am I the other WordPress author committed to writing about soothing??? Soothing is essential!!! Although old women talking about lavender essential oil making a comeback may, or may not, be soothing!!!}


    [PS: I like commenting on Quilty’s posts because I get to get my —–‘s out. ARL is WAY to self-serious for that–but the readership demands it! It is a double edged sword–kill the king! I’m feeling murderous!]

  2. kaela

    a friend and i noticed this month that a certain hip-ish magazine accidentally (“accidentally”??) flipped the cover art for the new a.c. and a.b. albums in their review section. we surmised that they harbor subconscious or conscious malice towards a.b., and are in denial about the implications of the fact that a.c. omg actually chose that for the cover art?! (omg.)

    i’d escaped hearing andrew bird before but yes that song is soothing. (until i tuned in to hear him singing something about a cat scan? and was startled out of soothe.)

  3. quilty Post author

    it’s amazing how quickly soothing can slide into seething. this morning, fleetwood mac’s “farmer’s daughter” is keeping the double-os from turning into double-es. Here is a link to a live version, not as soothing as the studio version, but CLOSE YOUR EYES or open a new browser window after loading — I’m just talkin bout the song, and NOT the horrifying seeth-worthy computer-animated barbie-doll narrative that I averted my eyes from. Seether!

    And What’s up with this binary of “soothing” folk-inflected melancholy and Veruca Saltian “seethin” Kim Deal-or-no-Deal fuzzed-out 90s alternative rock?? These are the two sides of my soul. AC/AB. AC/BC.

    Saddles, I like your polysemous use of essential.

    and itals can be made using the em tag!

    Hugs O’Plenty,
    Good Jorbb

  4. rebecca

    faut dire, i liked that jacques brel video a lot. do you know, who is the woman in sunglasses? (qui est la femme qui(?) porte les lunettes des soleil? (little moons of the sun)


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