steppin out

here I come, y’all! steppin out! with some: serious opinion!

I don’t like that air-horn sound that signifies “you are listening to a dj play something he thinks is amazing!!!!!” I also hate that Cher vocoder thing in pretty much any post-2007 context. I started hating it after aaron “made” me think really hard about lil wayne’s “lollipop”.

here is a trailer I just slapped together for “TIME CLERIC”:


4 thoughts on “steppin out

  1. Chelsea

    Pitch correction is the devil. If I were Benedict I would make sure the return of plenary indulgences had a special provision that people who smooth out their voice like that go straight to purgatory for the appropriate, unamnestied amount of time.

  2. rimpletide

    Heyo, are we talking about AutoTune? “Do you buh-leeeev in life after love?”-style? Was used to great effect in that recording, I think, but if it’s for sleight-of-hand vocals correction, then yes, I agree (I think), it’s the devil! I mean we can start a rock band and we don’t have to voice openly our opinion on it in all the alt-weekly profiles they’ll do on us, but I personally don’t want that technology within a 50-yard scrim of my MacBook-with-GarageBand!!! **huff**


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