shut up, weirdo


I called in to the feb 27 episode of “shut up, weirdo” (not online yet) (who cares) (I hate the internet) (update: it’s up) (I start around the 23:45 mark) (it’s a pretty boring show) and almost won best caller of the week but then an erotic lesbian caller beat me out at the last minute (update: it turns out I won) (I don’t know what I win) (fedex me your digital camera and I’ll “post” whatever they send me) (zzzZ).


2 thoughts on “shut up, weirdo

  1. biggestmirror

    Hi, this is Allie, you may/may not remember me from some things that we did in recent times like give each other a thumbs-up. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your interview was really funny (much funnier than when one of my friends was on Best Show), and if you want to borrow my digital camera, you can take a picture of your prize.


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