bike repair



  • my dad posted some photos of me on facebook. is this ok?
  • my career as a long-distance runner has ended, because I destroyed my knees by attempting to run a half-marathon while eating a super burrito al pastor every six miles. oh well; now I’m a “cyclist”. am thinking about selling my $50 mtn bike and buying a $50 road bike. lemme know
  • new artforum has a pretty great conversation b/w cory arcangel and dara birnbaum. I was particularly interested in their conversation about “obsolescence” — things that culture lays aside, like NES cartridges, that are supposedly obsolescent, that the artist (or someone else) can then pick up and make alive/vital/relevant again.


  • also nice to see another oberlin dude (cory was class of… ’99? and wasn’t jacob ciocci there around the same time?) in the same issue of artforum: Stefan Tcherepnin’s Top Ten! I find it annoying when other people talk about college in this way. Oberlin is special.


5 thoughts on “bike repair

  1. kaela

    Wait, that’s me…or not me. Someone thought it was spirit-me. Sparkling computers, magic spells. Facebook tagging. I feel dizzy.

    Also, did you know you can shrink a picture with some supereasy html…? But don’t!!! unintentional netart is the best kind.

  2. quilty Post author

    click on the computer, kaela!!!
    it’s dara birnbaum!!!
    who you calling unintentional???
    I was reading instructional articles about amateur html coding when you were still reading constructivist pictureboox in your high-chair!!!
    just kidding!!! we are spirit sisters!!!


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