Oh, no, no, oh, no, no

  • I’m going out of town this week so I’m just gonna throw up a coupla memo to myself style links to tide over the hungry ghosts who kiss the greasy folds of this blog while I’m gone. I’m not talking about you, you’re a perfect little butter-bean, but I know you read the new york times and don’t need to see an update from this greasy blog every week to feel like the internet is doing its thing. I’m talking about the hungry ghosts. Don’t worry about them. They can’t touch you. They’re like IRC “bots”
  • I enjoyed the Ian Parker NYer piece on Iceland and then JB was like “Oh ho but have you read this Michael Lewis Vanity Fair one? It’s  better.” TBR
  • This blog post deserves some sort of award
  • — not too shabby — steve earle’s kid — does a righteous Replacements cover
  • stumbled across (NOT UPON) this dude’s blog the other day in a real ass-handed backward/-woods way. he’s got good taste and is a fun/fine writer. “whatever”
  • not too sweet, not too british, just right: the coral
  • what does “chips and chops” mean?
  • 4043636
  • when i get back to town on monday i will be a rabbi and a dog-owner

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