Lately I’ve been listening to WNYC when KQED starts focusing too much on cake-frosting recipes or cures for gall-bladder infection. They’ve been promoting a new film called Gigantic. Every time I hear them say it, the nerd who sits on a throne in my innermost cave gets “excited” that they’re talking about the They Might Be Giants documentary I never saw. But that documentary didn’t star John Goodman, Zach Galifinakis, and Ed Asner! Then I found out today about a new literary magazine called Gigantic. It is my private wish that all of these films and journals be named after the Pixies song, even though that’s unlikely.


This blog post is entirely pointless; I mostly just wanted to push down the photo from the previous post a little.


One thought on “gigantic

  1. Chelsea

    This is that Anita from Almost Famous/Preacher Boy from There Will Be Blood movie right?

    You should fly to Austin this week for the Pixies Hoot Night. That is all.


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