Paraffin Wax

Hey gang,

Just found out this week that a Real Dude and a Mountain to Sound found out about this website, which totally fucking sprayed me in the face with self-consciousness such that now I have to lay another chilling-effected QuiltJammer over the (wh)ole enterprise for a few months until things cool down.

Countdown to infinity:

  1. Open letter to Ian Parker:

    Can you write a 10,000-word-or-so essay about comedy in Zimbabwe, focusing on the sitcom Paraffin?

    (Also, did you know about MyZimTube??)

    Thanks Ian!!!
    Kind regards,
    Andrew L.

    Age 14
    Las Cruces, NM
  2. Has anyone written about all those paintings of girls reading? Or even the subset of those paintings that are titled “Girl Reading”? I could use another couple hours of sleep today
  3. most important was cousin mo
  4. I felt this
  5. I ate two bags of Fritos today [Note: yesterday]
  6. Lloyd Mintern is my spirit animal
  7. Henry Green did not plagiarize J.D. Salinger on YouTube
  8. a “dysthyst cast in amethyst” on twïtter
  9. tbr via jawbone
  10. tbr w/r/t rimps
  11. let’s make “maudlin” a verb: I was just maudlin’ round the taqueria, waiting for 11:33 a.m. to roll around so I could order a non-breakfast burrito in ‘good faith’
  12. I had a dream last night that my “boss” was telling me that he tried to read Being and Nothingness and hated it because of all of the inscrutable phenomenology jargon, and I was like, “Dude, sir, you should check out Being and Time! It’s even worse!!!” We “bonded” about how difficult it is to read Continental philosophy. AND THEN I WOKE UP

5 thoughts on “Paraffin Wax

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  2. rimpletide

    When you get a dog, do you buy dog insurance? Lady on the bus today advocated for this. I could have/shoulda coulda have missed it iffin I had me some Woods or some else jamming on the public transit. What’s with Woods? It’s jogging some lobe or other but where would it have come from afore but you yrself, Qui.? And, when we remake “I sold acid to Jesus,” will we use all the triangles and eyeballs? The mystics jags of the northern coast or the rolling trundlers pushing our citrus babyhood? We could settle now, right here, in this comment strain, or we could just purchase a high-octane lid of gauge, dress like South American Louis Armstrongs, and play hide and go seek until we cease to care, the dance is our triangle.

  3. Chelsea

    When you were a kid, did you ever use “and then you woke up” as a sort of rejoinder equivalent to “sike”?:

    “Dude, Andrew, I just went to get seconds at the chalupa bar in the cafeteria and Melanie was totally totally staring at me, like she totally wanted me…”

    “PSHAW … and then you woke up!”

    Or is that a specifically a South-of-the-Santa-Monicas, Beyond-the-End-of-the-101 phenomenon??

  4. alvaro

    Every(personplace)thing’s a verb now. “Transitioning into?” “To architect?” Gross. And yet, with so many verbed nouns, perfectly common foreign words (google “ajeno” from Spanish–simple word that can’t be translated into common usage without 3-6 English words) can’t find a counterpart in this langue/langage. Nounverbing is inbreeding English. These toothless-cousin words don’t brain up to deforeigned words and normal thought inscrutables us.


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