Oh Papía

-accidentally bought box of decaffeinated tea

-accidentally ran over group of people making love in  middle of  street

-accidentally hurt Papía’s feelings, badly

-accidentally reread angry letter from Papîa Lobos-Gruyelle

-thought about the similiarities and differences between Papía and Papîa

-accidentally smoked letter from P L-G in the tiny bong that hangs from my keychain

-accidentally wrote 50,000-word manuscript about obesity and nightblindness in the form of an unstageable play and submitted it to Coffee House Press for consideration

-accidentally smoked rejection letter from CH Press in tiny bong that hangs from  keychain

-accidentally started a blog-flame-war with Tao Lin, who blockaded California’s access to caffeine and thus defeated me handily

-accidentally smoked a huge leaf of pot that drifted down like volcanic ash through the open passenger-side window of my vintage Honda

-accidentally cancelled my wordpress account, incinerating this blog

-accidentally committed acts of emotional terrorism on the internet


2 thoughts on “Oh Papía

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