NPR played a Beastie Boys instrumental after a piece on racial stand-up comedy in South Africa. Couldn’t NPR have used  S. African music instead? What songs did they play at the stand-up comedy show the story featured? There’s probably not too much of a rights issue there?  I wrote the preceding sentences on Sunday morning, I think. I finally have the internet at home which means this blog is going to be about different things you can do with tofu and dog hair. The Fall 09 City College course catalog came in the mail and it reminded me that I  am a bad citizen for only speaking one language and  I need to FOLLOW THROUGH on the years of Spanish I took and finally just GET REAL GOOD AT IT and read at least a few novels in Spanish which I’ve still never done so fall semester starting in August  I’ma go for it. I went to conversation exchange punto com and emailed a couple Spaniards seeing if they want to hang out and trade language times; we’ll see if anything comes of it. I also dredged up an old email from my friend who is training to be a Spanish teacher and reveled in her excellent advice which I will share with you today:

  1. Get a really huge, good dictionary.
  2. Keep a notebook of new words and phrases that you learn.
  3. Conversation partner
  4. Watch spanish movies without the subtitles. Maybe also write a review of the movies in Spanish, and show the review to my conv. partner?? Try emulating the styles of A.O. Scott and Anthony Lane en español. “Fantástico.”
  5. Read La Jornada and BBC Mundo all the time. Listen to BBC Mundo podcasts. She also recommended Al Grano con Maria Hinajoso but I  could only find Hinajoso’s English-language show. li’l help

she also said El gaucho insufrible by Roberto Bolaño was “pretty easy.” How easy???? Maybe I’ll find out. Not worth explaining how I ended up here, a nice companion website to snarf’s. This is a good genre of website: zany independently owned fast-food restaurant websites.

I stopped drinking coffee again hence the flat monotone. was listening to the bbc on saturday night, rarely do that, there was a “letter” from clive james. it went on FOREVER. NPR never plays an individual voice for that long. Even This American Life cuts the solo talker with music after at least 2 minutes. This was just James reading his essay aloud for a goodly eight or nine minutes. There must be a “tradition” of long single-voiced letters like this on the Beeb. I am boring the shit out of myself writing this blog post.

memo to myself– vote in the CA statewide special election tomorrow at my old voting location, which is probably the same as my new one, since I moved around the corner and forgot to reregister.

¡No te olvides de votar!



8 thoughts on “BBC/NPR/Mundo

  1. Miquela

    You have The Romantic Dogs, right? I spent a couple of nights last month covering the English side and trying to translate the Spanish without looking. It got kind of heavy after awhile. (I switched to Lorca’s children’s poems…also recommended.) But it was really helpful. Maybe a better start than the novel.

  2. Grace Anderson

    Dr. Stephen Krashen (famous linguist and authority in second language acquisition) states that the best way to get better at a second language is read, read, read. And, when he means read, he often states reading “stuff beneath you” – like People en Espanol, fun care-free novels, articles that are OF INTEREST to the reader on any topic. Light reading like this on a daily basis is great – like your BBC Mundo idea – you can pick and choose articles of interest.

    Buena suerte.

  3. quilty Post author

    Miquela — my copy of los perros románticos was “stolen” by a heinous peripatetic temp. roommate a few days after I’d bought it. Thanks for the Lorca/niños rec! And, Grace Anderson, hello! Thanks to you, too! I will start reading lots of beneath-me stuff ASAP. I listened to the BBC Mundo podcast on my walk to work this morning and understood about 36 percent of it.

  4. jessica

    Hello.. I just wanted to say that your blog is great… Ive been scouring the internet looking for blogs and posts about hair care to find inspiration for my blog.. you have given me some great ideas so thank you.. keep up the great posts

    Julie x


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