irrational fears

Jaime Clarke’s  “Talk Show” series is one of my favorite things at the Fanzine, which is like the Rumpus for people living in Europe and the American South (just kidding). The new one has B. Evenson, G. Shteyngart, K. Shepard, et al on their “irrational fears.” Check it outtt

I feel like a robot-dog–Gwen Stefani tonight


One thought on “irrational fears

  1. Casey McKinney

    Thanks GJ, you know how well Southerners and Europeans get along, like Flick and Flack. Or something, actually if you follow Atlantan Sylvie Fortin who does Art Papers, well she seems more European connected than most NY people I knew when I was there for several tears. BTW, I must know thee, who is this? I’m just back to blogging and just figured out how to bookmark blogs, and be blog sociable and all.

    I have a pretty good guess…hmmm, and funny there is a blog called “I do not live in New York” cause that’s basically my current bio on Fanzine, which used to simply say “Casey McKinney lives in New York.” But I will keep reading and guess, or you you can tell me. Oh I’m such a bad blogger. It took me two hours to edit the stupid blog I did this morning. I had a typo in every sentence (I don’t do that when I edit other people’s stuff, wtf?) -Casey


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