The best of all possible dogs.

W. was put to sleep Friday afternoon after a veterinarian at Mission Pet Hospital discovered a splenetic mass had filled his abdomen. He was an old, lumpy dude, and the immediate surgery that was our only alternative would have put him in still more pain, with an emphatically slim chance of survival or recovery.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been with this dog for his last two months.



10 thoughts on “The best of all possible dogs.

  1. kn

    I’m so sorry– he was an awesome, awesome dog. I feel really lucky to have met him. You were great to him, too. RIP Werner. Tears

    1. Casey McKinney

      By the way I’m real sorry to hear about your dog. That’s sad. As a new dog owner it would kill me…but sounds like y’all had a peaceful, goodbye. You said something about your dog last week and I had no idea. Anyway… best man.


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