First Jewish Alcoholic in Space

That is my ambition. I can do it.

What is the best way to use Francine Prose’s name in a pun/joke?

  • Your prose is really ‘Francine’.
  • You write glistening, nearly Francine prose.
  • Her crystalline, Francine prose is a delight to read.

This seems like an awesome gallery in Philly. Able Brown is organizing a project with Will Oldham there later this month.

I am going to write a blog post for a magazine that asks Jewish alcoholics to write blog posts for their website in a few days, so I have to save all of my “thunder” for them. No fun links for you!!

But: via my close personal friend karl lagerfeld, I offer you Geoff Dyer’s awesome riposte to Peter Schjeldahl.


Today is national donut day, according to my co-worker, Name Withheld. For this reason, I just ate a donut.

Respectfully yours,

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One thought on “First Jewish Alcoholic in Space

  1. saddleshoos

    That’s crazy because I bought donut holes from Walgreens this morning for my students who come early to school for tutoring after one of them rejected the Bakesale Betty’s scones and banana bread I offered earlier this week. As I bought the holes I thought, “wow, these even have the Walgreens logo on them, these are so disgusting, my students will probably totally hate these as much as Bakesale Betty’s, but oh well worth a try.” I brought them in and witnessed my students express happiness I never thought their tortured 15 year-old selves were capable of. And we happened to be unknowingly celebrating “national donut day.”


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