[DARKWEENA lays her acoustic guitar down ‘pon her lap but keeps singing, knocking out a little rhythm on the chock of the instrument. Her hair—golden braids woven in with shodtgrass—bounces against her leather breastplate as she hollers and coos.]


Well there is a crystal shittiness
to my world, Burl
But it’s not the kind I’d cry about
Nah, naw, nah!

& I’m late for Nature’s Pyramid
But not so late I’ll cry, Papa
Naw, nah, now!

It’s a shitty moistened wrinkle-bean
But Hollywood’s got my paws…all…
all up in a crutch!

And a ladle’s worth’s got value now
In the French saloon
And Crick’s Esopus streams
are runnin down my mouth!

So if you’re not home and I’m not home
Rubbin eros-foam

Up upon the corners
of my dry parched homely mouth!

Then sexy-times are boring-times
Momma Lee-Anne Rimes
Oh Shivering shit get frozen in
That tundra called the South!

So wrap a beefsteak warm and tight
Momma Every night
Till the campers all feel Darwin’s wrath
When they Doin it to each other!

It’s a sexy farce-borne camping trip
And I hate it
And yr friends are rutting and rubbing and foaming
Till the French Saloon’s ablaze!

So dunk your gore-tex dramamines
into the river beans
And soak my hominy homily summatime suckabrace face

…Till the end of time!


5 thoughts on “songbard

  1. simon

    this reminds me that i used to find unshaven legs alluring. they made me dejaculate – to ejaculate out of a feeling of dejection.

    jkjkjk!!!! i’m totally heteronormal!!


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