your shredly mouth

U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan shredding a shredly fibre of Marin singletrack, bro

U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan shredding a shredly fibre of Marin singletrack, bro

  • I have about 60 pages of Henry Green‘s Loving to go before book club meets tonight. It’ll have to be a productive lunch-hour… I was having trouble with it at first — the language is unusual and it takes getting used to — but now that I’ve hit the halfway mark I’m beginning to not want it to end. Many of the sentences are remarkable — weird and beautiful and “perfect” seeming — but not weird in an intentionally bizarre overwrought “tra la la I’m a modernist” way, but weird because the world is weird and the sentence has to be, too, in order to properly describe the thing it’s describing.

    This is one of the more overwrought passages in the first half of the book, but it still made me perform a low whistle of appreciation. Kate and Edith waltzing together to a luxury phonograph in a shuttered ballroom:

They were wheeling wheeling in each other’s arms heedless at the far end where they had drawn up one of the white blinds. Above from a rather low ceiling five great chandeliers swept one after the other almost to the waxed parquet floor reflecting in their hundred thousand drops the single sparkle of distant day, again and again red velvet panelled walls, and two girls, minute in purple, dancing multiplied to eternity in these trembling pears of glass.


3 thoughts on “your shredly mouth

  1. plebiscite

    I am on Craig’s List trying to make this a reality! I didn’t read Loving, because I was shopping for mountain bikes! I am the worst.


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