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Ben Franklin’s Diary

I love the image of Ben Franklin’s “Diary”:

Kalman also makes a wry admission:

I had heard of the Rubber Band Society from copies a friend sent once of the Komar & Melamid– (and Christian Lorentzen)– (and Emily Votruba)–edited RBS Gazette. It’s unlcear if the society still meets or publishes anything. I’m not getting much work done today.

Against Film Crews

  • Hey Thank You The Rumpus and Stephen Elliott Enterprises For Giving This Webiste Another Vote of Confidence! Welcome, Subsistence Farmers! (??)

    The editorial offices of the Rumpus dot net

    The editorial offices of the Rumpus dot net

  • There was a film crew setting up on Valencia & 20th st this morning, 9:30ish. It provoked immediate resentment, does every time. Not sure why. [Notes: Obese Tom Stoppardesque/Wildean artist/novelist/writer envisions a scene for his masterwork on a busy urban corner. He’s such an outsized person, such an outsized personality, that he takes up as much psychic (if not physical) space as  an entire film crew! Notes.] I walked by a woman and a man, both related to the film shoot in some way, engaged in conversation. They didn’t seem like they knew each other — they were meeting by virtue of their association with the film. (Fuck this film, by the way, again, whatever it is — important documentary, cheese commercial, I don’t care. May the production be cursed forever. Why? Why? I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a public service announcement for literacy. I don’t care.) The only reason I mention this is because I heard the woman —young, potentially attractive to someone who doesn’t loathe her to her tiny dead core for being involved in a film shoot on Valencia—say to the man, the seeming stranger, African-American and wearing sunglasses—”I’ve been called out before for having loud sex.” Why was she telling him this? Is this the way aliens from Cinelandia hit on each other? Her interlocutor seemed to approve. He disagreed with those who had called her out for having loud sex. She had blonde hair, white jeans, and a walkie-talkie. After their conversation ended, I saw him open a cooler filled with soda and Gatorade. May the boom dip into every frame. May the cream cheese spoil prematurely. I saw another man ponderously filling a bowl with fruit salad. Right on Valencia. Unacceptable.

Shopping Cart

  • this is supposed to be a fantastic comp. Also, these guys are awesome (via efd)
  • looking fwd to reading this, once I take this hellraiser mask off. Kevin Killian’s been “killiang” it on the sfmoma blog. funny fotos of r. pettibon
  • what else, whatever, work is bonkers, in “its own way”
  • lunch: brought two sandwiches, one pb&j, one jack cheese and mustard, ate both around 11:04 a.m., still going strong. e.t.c.


fury, blindness, of 19

jealousy, potato 19

grab, selfish 408

grab, food 214-19

grab (grub), money 544

grab, power 112-130

rage, blindess 334

rage, ponytail 188

selfishness, good news made bad via 523-45

hate, seething 108-10

politics, alcoholic 200-221

duty, money’s absolvement of its holder from 400-441

Zeitgeist, bikes and 113-14

Spain, as fortress 12

as pimiento, 13