• One sheet of blotter acid
  • One bale of 1960s-grade marijuana (far less potent than contemporary hip-hop marijuana, 1960s-grade mj allows one to smoke cheech&chong-size novelty joints and not get so stoned. contemporary marijuana you take one half of one puff and it is the equivalent of smoking the all-marijuana car from Up in Smoke)
  • One “handle” of Bullet Bourbon
  • Going blind increases the danger of misspelling words; also the danger of breaking your ankle by stepping in a sinkhole. Also increases the chances of stepping on a minuature horse’s neck, by accident, killing it. Whoops I accidentally sat on the sherds of crushed Showgirls DVDs. Have you seen that film Sugary Coffee? It’s about a guy who goes blind and then takes acid and then meets the film actress Emily Watson. She falls in love with the guy, they sleep together, then he has a second career as a film actor, then at the end it turns out that you’ve been watching a “bio-pic” about the “real” guy who comes out at the end and is much, much fatter than the actor who’s been playing him
  • Sausage (vegan)
  • A piece of metal I found in a parking lot
  • A authentic roman coin, “coin of the land”,  whatever
  • ramps
  • rocket
  • aioli
  • ciabbati
  • pickled onions
  • fresh ingredients

  • pumice-salts
  • “womanly flavours”
  • beets, steemed (sic)
  • tooth-corn
  • me-peas
  • daikon funk
  • blind melon
  • rind of lemon
  • spfmoni, the italian ice-dream
  • rice-dream
  • kim chee! so yummy!!!
  • tom kha
  • tom gay
  • tom guy
  • peace

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