St. Ex-Frassissi

  • I didn’t realize Charles Bernstein and Jon Lovitz had done ads for the Yellow Pages together. (via Lilith-Anne Spoonbreads)
  • Click here to read my review of I Am Not Sidney Poitier and the Half-Blood Prince, by Percival Everett (with JK Rowling) in the Summer issue of The St. Exfrazzissi Quarterly
  • When you look in the mirror, what do you see? An elderly jazz musician, making funny faces and mouthing nonsense words, pinching his nose and waving the other hand in front of it, “pee-you”? How odd——me, too!
  • What?
  • Nothing
  • Oh great everybody look he’s starting up another bullshit dialogue. He does loves his quirkly arty online dialogues! He’s so “weird” and “American”!
  • Fock you
  • Uh oh everybody! Someone’s all mad and crazy! Someone eating vegan tacos, tacos whose meat is the flesh of vegan novelists, ha-ha, and so on!
  • Uh oh I’m not kidding look up our hot-air balloon has a huge hole in it we are fucked
  • oh my god you’re right we’re clearly going to die there’s nothing we can do in a matter of moments the balloon is going to plummet groundward
  • let’s “do it” with each other, since these are our last moments alive
  • no, i’d rather practice TM, transcendental meditation
  • OK, I’m going to masterbate while you meditate, I’m sorry, I know that’s gross, it’s just just that I want to be——
  • [they die]

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