My work has appeart in Shit Furnace, Papal Nutsheath, The Crow’s Li’l Quarterly, Preen, Lobestone, Nepali Ice Review, Pindelyboz, Jamiroquai, Text of Whispers, bu*lsh*t, Webslingazz, Postal Mouth, The Meal, Ripyarns, Cambridge and You, Frowncake, Busty Feminist Review, Clamhouse, Ars Poetica, Hayden’s Ferry Review, McSweeney’s, Fence, BOMB, The Paris Review, Open City, The Quarterly, Genesis West, Titmouse Express, The East Bay Express, Nudity Furnace (UK), Black Clock, R: The Ron Howard Magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine, D: The Dean Stockwell Magazine, n+1, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Punch, Arthur, Tina, George, Macaulay, Der Spiegel, Der Spielberg, The New York Times Disney Magazine, Stone Soup, Scholastic, Newsweek, B: the Bette Midler Magazine, and work is forthcoming in Commentary


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