Speedy Marie

DEB: Don’t waste your youth. Don’t waste this coffee high. Get it down on paper. Grab life by the clear plastic tab and tug gently until you reach orgasm.

VIJAY: What?

DEB: Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about, Vijay.

V: I know what you’re talking about.

DEB: Thank you.

[East-coast trees flash by. It’s all green. The trees may as well not have trunks. They’re just hanging, diagonal foliage. The forest is empty of deer. Insects accumulate on the windshield, but Vijay and Deb, hallucinating, interpret this as an argument against the existence of insects outside the car.]

VIJAY [Driving]: We’re approaching eighty miles an hour.

DEB: [Hallucinating]: Is that the name of a town?

VIJAY: Yes. “Eighty Miles Per Hour.” Population: 60,000. Mayor: Debbie K. Leamme. Public libraries: Yes.

[I should probably get back to work. Big heap trouble focusing. Every day. Forever.]


4 thoughts on “Speedy Marie

  1. quilty Post author

    you are big on the gotcha! tip lately. i was channeling native american stereotype voice, not politically correct, I hate myself, and so on

    Pendragon just rolled into the office


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