Foundering mouse,

Foundering mouse,
Foundering mouse,
You normally sign your emails
with a single capital initial
followed by a period.

Your last apologetic email was so sad
with its lowercased initial.
The letter looked like it’d been drenched with water,
hair all matted down.

What letter was it?
Who are you talking about?

Nothing. No one.
Meet me at Ministry?

Meet me at SaladSpace?

Cream comes out of your tear ducts?

Nein, dog
Ah, so, brows and butts,
my two favorite parts of the friendship

Shat Blad
Bled Blonde

Barf wind




Massachussetts’ Lagers


Class war:

Pavement :: Vampire Weekend

Saturday, February 6th 9pm
Sean Hayes,
Sean Smith (Citay),
The Fresh and Onlys

Amnesia 853 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA
$10 donation, $25 gets you a free beer, $35 and over gets you two free beers


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