Hey Cranberries,

No italics today. Bought a new magazine called The Latter. Meercat missed breakfast. Swallowed your hair so I can’t say I’m vegan. Loose lathe broke. Paint job + dents. Irrigated bloom.

Spear lime stone crab cream jelly bone. Showers it off.

Reading Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant reminds me that Tao Lin didn’t invent the arbitrary scare-quote.

Part two, Oath of the Oaf. I swear to mix meats in your pot and feed them to cats. I will keep promises handy and real.

This paragraph is like a collection plate shaped as a big ceramic mixing bowl for tossing trinkets into. Little poetic errata are fine: shell, battery, leaf; Micro Machine, tooth, stone; aleph, gimel, etc.




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